Save time and money for your next hydraulic hose repair. Well equipped hose van with our factory trained hydraulic repair technicians get your equipment or machinery back to work quickly, cutting your downtime, by bringing the hydraulic repair facility to your job site or facility. Reduce Downtime, because we build your hydraulic replacement hose on-site, your heavy equipment will be back to work quickly. In most cases, your machine will be back in service within an hour of arrival. Longer Life, Superior Hose Product. External abrasion causes most hose failures. Our Hoses provides up to 20 times more abrasion resistance than the industry’s best rubber covered hose. It is contamination Free. Contamination is responsible for nearly 75% of all hydraulic system failures. All of our hoses go through a unique cleaning process to ensure they are free of contamination before they are installed.

Hose crimping

Hydrocare Trading WLL, the leaders in providing a comprehensive portfolio of hose crimping services in state of Qatar. Our strategy is to build long term relationships with our current and potential clients by consistently providing superior quality service and support wherever they are needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our on site crimping service vehicles staffed by our professional technicians, ensures your equipment is fixed in the fastest possible time.  We also encourage our clients to utilize our preventive maintenance, saving you time and money. Our on going investment in quality work practices ensures long term value for money to our customers.

Hydrocare motor rewinding department provides a high standard repair service by employing highly skilled personnel and using the latest technologies and techniques to repair electrical motors and refurbish submersible pumps.

Our focus to be a trusted and valued partner by providing customized services around the customer’s needs along with honest and competitive pricing. Customer satisfaction is the key for long term success.

We are specialized in electrical motors, motor winding and rewinding of all kinds of generators, submersible pumps, welding machine repairing, induction motors and blower fans servicing

Our services includes

Hydraulic Jack repairing


Sometimes referred to as a hydraulic ram, a repair to this expensive piece of equipment is significantly more cost effective than replacing with new. In most cases the repaired cylinder will be indistinguishable from a brand new model – particularly when you trust an expert team like Hydrocare with any hydraulic cylinder repair work.

Our ability to assess the condition and life span of your hydraulic cylinder means that, over time, wear can be tracked. This allows us to determine the point at which maintenance should be carried out.

We then provide you with an efficient maintenance schedule which reduces downtime by identifying problems before they occur.

So in summary, maintenance is carried out at the most opportune moment to ensure performance and reliability is maintained and unnecessary maintenance, and potentially, down-time, drastically reduced.

24 hours a day 7 days a week on site Hose crimping service